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History of water level monitoring at Newborough

There have been two main periods  of  water  level monitoring.  2/6/1989 - 1/5/1986  carried  out  by CCW, and 2006 to present by myself and Angela (2010-2011). Water levels were also monitored in the forest by the Forestry Commission at the same time  as the monitoring by CCW. In 2006 when I started, I found some of the 20 CCW and FC wells, over the years I have added more monitoring points with the aiid of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology at Bangor. There are now over 80. It takes me over 8 hours to get around the 70 that I regularly monitor around the end of each month. In addition, there is the clearfell experiment, an area of 2-3 ha of forest that was cleared back in 2018.  Some monitoring points were installed there too, but as yet NRW have yet to share with me the number or location.

As yet there is little indication that water levels are falling, and they seem to have recovered from the low levels in the 1990's. 2006-2007 was extremely wet, as has been 2020.

CCW and FC wells 1989 Current water level monitoring points

The next pages show graphs of the water levels across the two CCW transects

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