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Water Levels of the two CCW transects

There are two Transects. Transect 1 is in the north starting close to Airman's carpark and extends out into the Warren, Transect 2 is nearer the beach and started some where near the carpark, but 2a has never been located in part because CCW didnt record the locations of the dipwells accurately with GPS.
There have been changes in the area which could have affected the water levels near to the forest.
  • General sea level rise and the erosion of the coast line
  • Contractors enlarging and deepening the slack closest to the sea and the forest  in 2014 which also resulted in well 2D  being crushed.
  • The Clearfell experiment which removed 2 ha of mature forest along the forest bounday in 2019.

 The water level records show that there has been an increase in waterlevels since the initial 1989-1996 monitoring periods. Waterlevels in Transect 1 are more likely to be close to ground level, but water levels in Transect 2 cause ponding to a greater depth.

CCW Transect 1
CCW Transect 2
1abcdef.png 2abcdefg.png

Looking at the waterlevels in the Forest and the Warren seperately water levels in the warren are generally higher and it is water tables in the forest which have recovered most since 1996. Wells  2D although in the warren has a profile more similar to the forest wells.

Forest Transects
Warren Transects

1abcd2abcd.png 1def2defg.png

When the forest and warren wells are seperated for the two transects it is easy to see that
  • The dune water levels in the wells in transect 1 are similar to each other as are the waterleveles in transect 2, but that water levels for the dunes in transect 2 are lower than for the dunes in transect 1.
  • Water levels in the forest in both transects follow a similar pattern
  • Water levels in the forest and the dunes in transect 2 follow a similar pattern

1abcd.png 1ef.png

2abcd.png 2efg.png

In the Graphs below it can be seen that :
  • Water Levels in wells 1A,1B, 2B 2C and 2D are similar
  • Water levels in wells 1C,1D, and 2B are similar especially from 2012

1ab2cd.png 1cd2b.png

Previously in the graphs above it was shown that waterlevels in the dune wells 2E, 2F and 2G were similar.
  • In the graph on the left below waterlevels for 1C, 1D and 2B are plotted with 2G and show that all those wells follow a similar pattern since 2012.
  • In the graph on the right waterlevels for 1D, 2B, 2E, 2F, and 2G are plotted and show that all those wells follow a similar pattern since 2006.

1cd2bg.png 1d2befg.png

Below is a map where the CCW wells are colour coded to denote the similarities (for the best view click this link).

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