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The man himself

My own rememberances of the Water Resources MSc course

The field trips were legendary and the first field trip of the course was the annual baptisim at Aber were me and Roger would select a sacrificial student to measure flows while Roger and I gave marks out of 10 for (in river) Stability, Resistance (to cold) and Ability (to take measurements).

Stuart Lowe gets baptized in Aber (8/10)

The next field trip many would remember would be those with Dennis Wood. The trips to Newborough to look at the pillow lavas, followed by the precipice walks around the Dinorwig quarries. Our most dangerous spot though has to be the Wirral where we would watch Dennis trace out the bedding layers in the red sandstone on one side of the road while we watched from the other, while 40 t lorries ran up and down the road or being encouraged to try to breath through a piece of sandstone by Dennis.

Looking at limestone nr Llangollen with Dennis

Then there was the Gregynog field trip, most of the students remember this with fond memories. Was it the visits to the Dams or the Dee control centre or my dowsing lecture. No, I suspect it was the bar.

What I will remember about Gregynog is one particular year when one student (the son of a prominent member of CAZS) climbed on the roof naked in the small hours, and the following year when another student climbed a sequoia, but generally I remember how the students gelled as one big family.

The last time at Gregynog (March 2003)





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