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Water Resources Students and their Projects


Feysel Awissa

Water flow in the peat bog at Waun y Griafolen.


Gerald Dorflinger

Assessment of sedimentation and erosion in the Kalavasos reservoir and catchment, Cyprus


Paul Marchant

Ground water mapping of Aber coastal strip


Philip Oliver

The impact of small hydropower schemes on water quality


Eleanor Relf

Characteristics of mosquito breeding sites in Kumasi


Simon Smith

A hydrological study of a subcatchment of the Afon Wnion





Ali Alharrasi

Drip irrigation system in the Batinah Coast, Oman


Jo Barton

Flooding: past, present and future; a case study of Dolgellau & the Mawddach Catchment


David Best

A study on the effects of Sewage treatment works discharges on the water quality and ecology of the Grand Union Canal at Berkhamstead


Amanda Coffey

A water budget for the hydrological management of Malltreath RSPB reserve, Anglesey.


Simon Hart

Crop water management in the middle hills of Nepal, Landruk village


Simon Heron

A survey of water resources at Forte Pignatelli, Campo Calabria, Italy


Rebecca Humphrey

An evaluation of community water supply in the Bawku West district of Ghana


Toby Jenkins

Investigation into the effects of land use change on stream temperature in Plynlimon


Tryfan Jones

Variations in dissolved inorganic and organic Nitrogen levels between the soil water and groundwater, within the Plynlimon catchments.


Rob Keirle

The impact of the historic and current operations of Mynydd Parys on the local aquatic environment


Geraint Jones

Measurement of flow in upland mountain streams


Matt Oldfield

Measurement of the sensitivity to acidification of streams & lakes in the UK using the sodium dominance index


Stuart Nicholson

Moisture movement mechanisms around buried drip emitters


Peter Sheppard

Applications of remote sensing for irrigation management in Zimbabwe


Adam Whalley

Water supply for Moel y Ci




Christopher Allpress

Mapping pollution of the chalk aquifer, Dorset.

Sulayem Al Asmi

Irrigation of the date palm in the Sultanate of Oman


Marc Woodward

An Assessment of measures used to mitigate the effects of freshwater acidification




Al- Abri, Suleiman

Water balance study of North of Bahla Basin



Currie, Verity

Soil & water conservation techniques of the Solan District Watersheds, Northern India



Doody, Donnacha

Nguru-Gashua Wetland water quality



Foley, Sarah

Water resource management of the Lake Bosomtwe Basin, Ashanti, Ghana



Gareth, Emyr

Wrexham sand & gravel quarry extension impact on groundwater flow and hydrochemistry(Environment Agency)



Goodwin, Tracey

Groundwater quality near Kalavasos mine (Geological Survey of Cyprus)



Kozminski, Alex

Malltraeth Marsh, Groundwater flow (RSPB)



Modi, Chrispin

Hydroeconomics in Nile water development with reference to Egypt



Pinkett, Mark

Watershed management in the Ruchi integrated management project, Himachal Pradesh, India



Saxon, Matthew

Water quality and crayfish survival in a Lancashire brook (Environment Agency)



Taylor, Carrie

Contaminant tracing with geophysics, Kalavasos Mine (GSD, Cyprus)



Tudor, Glenda

Comparison between dowsing and geophysical methods for location of groundwater



Willmott, Ellie

The effects of a small scale HEP on selected environmental parameters in Snowdonia (Snowdonia National Park Authority)





Bosworth B.

A small scale surface irrigation system, near Chicha, southern Peru.



Douglas E.

Landfill leachate pollution of an agricultural reservoir in Cyprus



Etheridge Z.

Groundwater modelling of the RSPB reserve Malltraeth



Hart P.

The effect of Clearfelling mature coniferous plantation on the water resources and hydrology of the Hore catchment, mid Wales



Ivens K.

A wetland feasibility study at Attingham park, Shropshire.



Laming K.

Wastewater reuse management



Little M.

The treatment of sheep dip using reedbeds



Lowe S.

The Hydrogeology of the Cardinham catchment, Bodmin, Cornwall



Quiroga V.

Efficient water use in Puerto Madryn, Patagonia



Ross M.

The analysis and redesign of the water supply system to Cornel Farm Scout Centre, Llyn Crafnant, Wales.



Sawal S.

A study of the hydrogeology and irrigation practices of the Afife irrigation project site to assess it's impact on the Keta Lagoon and wider lagoon area - Volta region, Ghana.



Thomas D.

Review of small scale constructed wetlands, including domestic site design






Beale E.

Catchment management for the Makounta reservoir Cyprus.



Desta K.

Planning and control of the construction of rural water supply projects



Garrat J.

Assessment of the different methods of water supply to the proposed lake at Plas Talhenbont.



Hunt A

A study of evaporation rates and effects on the water budget at Malltraeth marsh Anglesey.



Mc Donagh J.

An Investigation into the causes and effects of erosion within the Magounda-Argaka river catchment, N.W Cyprus.



Sulyak V.

Hydrogeological evaluation of a water storage scheme in abandoned gravel workings, Baston, Lincolnshire. *



Webb M.

The Water Resources of Bardsey Island.



Williams A.

Small private water supplies of Amlwch and the surrounding area.








Bailey, T.I.

The assessment of a community water treatment plant



Bentley, A.W.

An evaluation of groundwater movement using geophysical, geotechnical, hydrological techniques and applying the numerical groundwater modelling package "Modflow" at a wetland reserve on Anglesey. *



Gordon, M.P.

A geophysical investigation of the hydrogeological potential of an alluvial aquifer on the River Benue near Makurdi, Nigeria.



Holt, N.G.

An assessment of the minor inputs to Llyn Tegid, Wales. *



Hyner T.

Surface water quality impacts in small coastal catchments.



Jolly, I.C.

A study of the causes and effects of erosion in the Xeros Potamos River catchment, Cyprus.*



Kambatuku, J.R.

Aquifer recharge and plant water status in the Oanab River downstream of the Oanab dam.



Kavanagh, C.L.

A geophysical and hydrological study of the drainage characteristics of Malltraeth Marsh, Morfa Mawr, Anglesey.



Robinson, S.G.

A study of the Keta Strip shallow aquifer, Ghana.



Sisson, J.

Hydrological exploration in Ngarange, Ngamiland.



Walters, N.J.

The hydrology of a sand and gravel operation in Baston, Lincolnshire.








Abraha, T.

Aspects of dam design in Ethiopia.



Al-Aufi, M.

Evaluation of Water Resources in Wadi Al-Moaydin, Addakhiliyah Region, Sultanate of Oman.



Al-Ghilani, N.

Saline intrusion and groundwater recharge in the Al-Khoud fan, Sultanate of Oman.



Al Musalmani, S.

Evaluation of groundwater resources in Wadi Ahin, Northern Batinah, Sultanate of Oman.



Al-Riyami, S.

Wadi Aday aquifer potential and future use, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.



Al-Shaqsi, S.

Aflaj management in the Sultanate of Oman. Case study of Falaj Al-Hamra (dawoodi) and Falaj Al-Kasfah (Aini). *


Hartley, C.

Small private water supplies of the Nanmor Catchment; their sources, quality and treatment.



Jago, L.

American water resources.



Williams, F.

An investigation into the former creeks and channels of the Afon Cefni, at Morfa Mawr, Malltraeth Marsh, Anglesey.



Woodford, R.V.

Management of domestic water supply in the UK. A study in demand management.





Al-Balushi, H.S.R.

A study of the hydrological and social aspects of Falaj Al-Iraqi, Ibri, Sultanate of Oman.



Al-Farsi, K.A.

Water Resources development possibilities in Wadi Dayqah, Sultanate of Oman.



Al-Saidi, A. M.

Water balance and socio-economic effects in Wadi Samail catchment area, Sultanate of Oman.



Al- Shukairi, O.

Irrigation water management for rhodes grass in South Batinah, Sultanate of Oman.



Hollingham, M.

The potential for water harvesting in the Jabal Akhdar, Sultanate of Oman.*



Lethaby, M.

Assessment of the pollution potential of chromium from past mining activities in Cyprus.



Voce, W.J.

An assessment of the potential for groundwater pollution from copper mining waste in Kalavassos, Cyprus.


Walker, J.

A study of sedimentary processes in the Yermasoyia reservoir and catchment, Cyprus.



Al-Habsi, S.

Falaj Daris, Sultanate of Oman.



Al-Kiyumi, A.

Saline Intrusion (Wadi Bani Kharus).



Al-Hinai, M.

Hydrogeology and water balance, Wadi Taww catchment, Sultanate of Oman. *








McCracken, S.

Water point inventory and water abstraction analysis for Tsabong area, Southwest Botswana.



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